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Tahoe Collection by ESCAPE: The Journey to Nature

Have you ever lost track of time in a mesmerizing, warm, glistening summer day? The days, hours, and minutes get another dimension when lived differently. Breathtaking rides, awe-inspiring trails, and captivating sights of our favorite places alter our sense of time.

Now, when days are long and bright and nights are short and restless, we should live our lives to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment. Like there isn’t another moment to follow. Not a second to waste. There is no better time than now to live our lives differently.

But how can we live our lives to the fullest if we cannot keep track of time?
How will you measure time this summer?

We believe in a life guided by inspiration to explore, to encounter and to understand more. This is the only way to live life differently, we believe. So, to encourage you to live your life the way you want, the way that fulfills you and makes you happy, we have created new Tahoe Collection of watches for men and women.

Track your time this summer with one of the watches from our Tahoe Collection.

Take pleasure in gorgeous sights.
Explore like your life depends on it.
Encounter new sights each day with gratitude and love in your heart.
Understand and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

This summer, we will make sure to live every second to the fullest.
We will use our cell phones less and our watches more.
We hope you will do the same.

Below you will find 6 of our favorite women’s and men’s watches from Tahoe Collection by ESCAPE Watches: Tahoe Men and Tahoe Women. Browse through our new models and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Tahoe.


Are you an artistic soul? Beautiful scenic town of Truckee on the Lake Tahoe will enable you to celebrate the outdoors this summer like never before. Stay outdoors as much as possible, hike, bike, organize a picnic, or experience Old-West feeling downtown of the town of Truckee.

Complete your artistic experience with this model that comes in blush leather color. Tahoe Collection Women’s: Stainless Steel | Blush Leather


Are you an adventurer? Experience mountain bike trails abound in Lake Tahoe. One of our favorites is The Flume Trail that starts at Incline Village at 7,000’ and rises to 8,100’. The 14-mile trail and 1,100 incline provides plenty of views, and winding and cliff gasping turns. This men’s model that comes in peanut leather color will go anywhere you go.
Tahoe Collection Men’s: Stainless Steel | Peanut Leather


After a long day full of adventures, you will need your well-deserved rest. The Resort at Squaw Creek sits at the base of Squaw Valley USA is our favorite when visiting Lake Tahoe. If you love luxury, scenic mountain views, and relaxing spa treatments, this is the perfect relaxation spot for you.

The color of gold in this women’s Tahoe model will awaken your sense of luxury. Tahoe Collection Women’s: Stainless Steel | SS Gold


Pianeta is our continued choice for homemade pastas, incredibly attentive dining service, and a complete Northern Italian menu. Grilled prawns swimming in fine angel hair pasta and a garlic butter bath entice the taste buds to the second course choice of Agnello.

Complete the unique experience and make the night special with Tahoe Stainless Steel men’s ESCAPE watch.
Tahoe Collection Men’s: Stainless Steel | Stainless Steel


Restart your heart this summer on the South Lake Tahoe. If you like water sports, try jet skiing, parasailing, SUPing, kayaking, or sailing. Use the opportunity to spend a whole day on a yacht excursion or on a charter fishing trip. And doesn’t have to be only one day, doesn’t it?

Keep track of the most exciting times in your life with Tahoe Pecan leather watch model.
Tahoe Collection Men’s: Stainless Steel | Pecan Leather


Are you itching with wanderlust? Get lost and embrace the great outdoors on hiking and mountain biking trails of Squaw Valley. Absorb the marvelous scenery when following the trails that weave through the mountains and valley. Incredible beauty lies everywhere around you.

Make the beauty in your life a constant and track your time with style. Choose SS Rose women’s model from ESCAPE Tahoe Collection.
Tahoe Collection Women’s: Stainless Steel | SS Rose

Embrace Nature with ESCAPE Tahoe Watches Collection

Inspired by nature, The Tahoe Collection by ESCAPE Watches features straps and bracelets in casually inspired colors. They will follow perfectly on your adventure quests.

You can choose stainless steel case with brushed and polished finishes, slim profile case design, and custom textured pumpkin crown details. The collection is made of high quality materials. Smooth light grain texture, leather strap, and contrasting stitching details add a relaxed, casual look on the folded edge constructed leather strap. Precisely applied indexes at each hour, brushed with white color for accent, printed minute track for easy to read function, luminous minute and hour hands, are features that will always remind you that ESCAPE Watches not only look great, but work awesome, too.

Tahoe Collection by ESCAPE Watches was thoughtfully crafted with custom and unique detailing throughout. Rely on their precise mechanism and embrace their unique, nature-inspired style. Pick your favorite model from women’s or men’s collection and embrace this summer as a journey. Most importantly, don’t forget to cherish each moment.




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