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Lukla Collection by ESCAPE: Ultimate Adventure Journey

Do you live the same life every day? And how do you feel about your hamster wheel? It surely helps you achieve results, earn your paycheck at the end of every month, and enjoy the safe predictability of life. You're safe and your bubble is warm, cozy, and fuzzy. What's not to like? Every step you take has already been taken and you've already seen where it leads.

But, your safe bubble enables you to live only a minimum of your potentials. It gives you certainty but it never makes your heart skip a beat. Your routine gives you an illusion that you're the one who controls your life but that's not true at all. Maybe you're living a life that is expected from you, not the life you want. Just one in the army of many who don't explore and experience their dreams, you don't cultivate new perspectives, you are not living a life of adventure.

Change that today and step out of your comfort zone with us!

Would you like to feel how is it like to break your routines, mix up your patterns, erase expectations, blow away the cobwebs of always the same city living, and take the audacious path on an ultimate adventurous journey with ESCAPE?

Feel the rush of adrenaline and the new, soaring heights your spirit will conquer at Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world.

Enjoy Fearless Moments with Adventure Watches from Lukla Collection

ESCAPE Watches take you to Lukla Airport, the place where extreme adventure seekers dream about going to.

Built in the 1960s by the Kiwi mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, Lukla airport is special because of its very short and steep airstrip - only 1,729 feet long. Aircraft landing conditions at the Lukla Airport are not ideal because of less than 1800 ft of runway set between a solid stone mountain wall and a vertical steep cliff that drops a scary 2k ft.

Landing at Lukla Airport is an adventure in itself. Its elevation is at nearly 9,500 feet, with a brief descent before landing. Taking off is even more thrilling and heart-stirring. Both abrupt acceleration and a downward charge will give you goosebumps and make you feel like on one of the most dangerous roller coaster rides.

Located in the Khumbu area of the Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of Nepal, Lukla Airport often sees unstable weather conditions, high winds and impenetrable clouds, which makes this adventure even more challenging and exciting. Besides the weather conditions as an aggravating circumstance, there aren't any night operations and you won't get any navigation help at the Lukla Airport during the night.

At Lukla, you have only one chance, so you better get it right.

When flying to Lukla, you can take only small planes especially certified for short takeoffs and landings (STOL). The only pilots that can fly to and off this incredible airport need to be specifically certified for it.
Lukla is not for regular people; it's only for extreme adventure seekers and the ultimate ESCAPE.

However, Lukla offers more than a heart-stopping adventure. It also offers unique, stunning views of immaculate beauty. Lukla Airport is set among majestic Himalayan peaks. A scenic point with a Buddhist shrine and a one-of-a-kind view when taking off will inspire awe in you. The soft, calming sound of bells on yaks and gorgeous flowers along the runway create an experience that you will remember for life, guaranteed.

We invite you to take this mind-blowing adventure with us!

Below you will find 3 of our favorite adventure watches from ESCAPE Lukla Collection. Browse through our models and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Lukla.

Escape to the Himalayas with a Scenic Everest Flight

Climb aboard an 18 passenger plane to get the best view of the Himalayas. Views are breathtaking, we promise. The 35-minute picturesque flight is much more than you can imagine. A skilled and certified pilot will take you out of Kathmandu next to the Everest massif, below ridgelines, and through the magnificent valleys until Lukla airport appears. You will be both happy and sad you finally arrived. Note that, for the best views, you should sit on the left side of the plane when flying towards Lukla. This is how you'll get the best view on Everest massif.

Inspired by the breath-taking views on Everest massif and magnificent nature that surrounds you everywhere you look, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Lukla Collection Adventure Watches for Men:
Stainless Steel | Cognac Leather

Escape to Dwarica's Hotel in Kathmandu

If you get overwhelmed by gripping experiences, go into a remote mode at Dwarika's Hotel. This luxurious hotel located in Kathmandu, the Battisputali neighborhood, represents a collection of various traditional heritage Nepali houses. It is considered to be one of Nepal's first-rate hotels. Its 87-rooms took over 30 years to construct. Drawica's Hotel won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation. It displays a modern take on the historic artisan craft of native Newari woodworking. With its architectural splendor, wealthy traditions, and a testament to the artistic sense of the Newars, this hotel will give you more than any other hotel in the world - peace and an amazing learning opportunity. This is an amazing remote ESCAPE for true explorers and adventurers.

Inspired by the craftsmanship and artistic tradition of Dwarica's Hotel  in Kathmandu, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Lukla Collection Adventure Watches for Men:
Stainless Steel | Brown Leather

Escape Whenever, Day or Night, to Fusion Bar

Find your favorite drink at the Fusion Bar. It is always open, day or night, for anyone on a journey. Take a timeout and start sipping on exotic fruit cocktails and appetizers, or enjoy a special Nepali barbeque. For a complete experience at the end of a day, you can also enjoy hand-rolled cigars for a nightcap. Fusion bar is the right place to stop, pause, meet, drink, and plan your next adventure. The Fusion Bar overlooks a swimming pool that replicates 12th-century royal baths.

Inspired by the intricate architecture and relaxed atmosphere in the Fusion Bar, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Lukla Collection Adventure Watches for Men:
Stainless Steel | Black Leather

ESCAPE the Routine and Experience the Dream with ESCAPE Lukla Adventure Watches Collection

Lukla Collection of adventure watches is ESCAPE's limited edition collection. It is inspired by aviation watch design. These men's leather watches are something that you can count on and depend on, undoubtedly. From the aerodynamic case design to the altimeter inspired chronograph function, Lukla men's leather watches are your go-to models for any adventure. Aviation inspiration carries through with the limited edition plate, riveted screw details, and luminous accented dial.

Lukla ESCAPE Watches are available in polished stainless steel and Black IP with integrated leather straps using custom traveled leathers. These men's brown leather watch models and black watches for men are ready to follow you to any adventure and be with you every step of the way. They are also affordable luxury watches for any man with great taste and thirst for adventure.

Luxury Collection of Lukla Watches by ESCAPE is adventurous and true. Just as you are.

Browse the Lukla Collection by ESCAPE Watches and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Lukla.




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