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Fifth Collection by ESCAPE: The Journey into Luxury

What makes you feel special?

Is it a sound of your high heels on the pavement, a gorgeous necklace, or a fragrance of your favorite perfume?

Sometimes, it can be a look or a feel; other times, it can be a particular texture under your fingertips.

Every so often, a combination of many things creates a luxury experience and makes us feel special. Luxury is, many times, a little bit of everything, but always a special, unique happening not necessarily dependent on the amount of money we spend on it.

Luxury lives in fine details, in the way someone walks, talks, dances.
Luxury is personal. It’s the art of knowing what another person wants before you ask her.
Luxury is diving deeper into understanding, empathy, awareness.
Luxury is a state of mind. It’s an attitude, a way you live your life.
Luxury is caring, making people feel happy, feel special, noticed.
It’s the way you treat people, the way you make them feel.
It’s how you treat yourself.

We value experiences we enjoy the most, but we also don’t miss to notice the elusiveness of time.
While things are more and more attainable, time is fleeting.
Placing the highest value on your time and how you spend it may be the key to happy, fulfilling, meaningful living.
Breath in, taste, smell, feel, touch. Embrace your experiences and journeys.
There is no time to waste. Because time is luxury.

The ESCAPE story of luxury starts in one of the most elegant and well-visited streets in the world – Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Would you like to ESCAPE there with us?


The Fifth Collection by ESCAPE Watches is inspired by the wealth of diamonds, gold, luxurious accessories, sophisticated styles, and designer labels that flow on Fifth Avenue in NYC. See all from luxury brands like Cartier, Armani, Bulgari, Clement or Coach, indulge in seeing dazzling gems and jewelry pieces, or find the perfect handbag.

Inspired by the lavishness, extravagance, and richness of the Fifth Avenue luxury shops, ESCAPE Watches created
ESCAPE Watches Fifth Collection: Gold Tone | Gold Bracelet

Enjoy Luxurious Moments with Watches from Fifth Collection

NYC Fifth Avenue offers an overwhelming sensory experience for anyone who takes the time to visit it. Here, time flies because there is so much to see and experience. There lives history, sophistication, stylishness, exquisite taste, finesse, high living, and luxury. Setting foot onto the pavement of the Fifth Avenue means entering a world where abundance, style, and indulgence define a living.

Fifth Avenue is not only about prestigious shopping; it’s also about architecture, design, art, and history. See the most iconic building in the world - Empire State Building and enjoy unforgettable 360° views of New York City and beyond from its 86th and 102nd-floor observatories. Learn more about the Classical Revival by visiting Flatiron Building. Explore the largest art museum in America - Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET). Don’t miss to experience Guggenheim Museum and MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art.

Take a stroll through the world-class parks and transform your day. See amazing art, enjoy beautiful gardens, experience interesting events, or simply take pleasure in a quiet and peaceful stroll. Central Park, Madison Square Park, Bryant Park, Paley Park, and Washington Square Park are waiting for you to discover them.

Enjoying the moments of luxury is always a personal event. You may be impressed by the history and art or mesmerized by the luxurious window shops. Today, luxury is all about personalization and no technology can replace it. This is why we hope you will look less at your phone and more at your ESCAPE watch while exploring Fifth Avenue. Deep dive into all this luxurious place has to offer and enjoy the moment.

ESCAPE Watches NYC Fifth Collection is feminine and finely detailed, draped in elegance and luxury, created to indulge female sophisticated, unique self.

Place the highest value on your own time. Enjoy the moments with ESCAPE Watches Fifth Collection. Below you will find 4 of our favorite women’s watches from Fifth Collection. Browse through our models and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Fifth.


Luxury is tasting rich flavors and indulging in a savory, slow eating. The dining experience at Nusr-et is an event to remember. Celebrity chef, known as Salt Bae because of the dramatic way he salts the meat before grilling, provides the right seasoning to the evening. Salt Bae’s rich and satisfying menu of the finest steaks, lamb, and veal provides a filling, one-of-a-kind, delicious experience. Make sure to try their Baklava, it’s out of this world!

ESCAPE Watches Fifth Collection: Gold-Tone Stainless | Pecan Leather


Escaping to a luxury hotel is a great way to pamper yourself. Make a glamorous entrance and forget about everyday schedules. Simply indulge in everything The Peninsula Hotel in NYC has to offer. Pause and rest from the city that never sleeps and enjoy the tranquility, comfort, and glamour. If you stay here, you’ll be in the heart of most prestigious shops, museums, and theaters area in the world first thing in the morning! Within walking distance of Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Times Square and the Museum of Modern Art, The Peninsula Hotel is the perfect place to stop, relax, and unwind with style.

Inspired by glamour and personalized luxury experience of The Peninsula Hotel in NYC, ESCAPE Watches created
ESCAPE Watches Fifth Collection: Rose-Tone Stainless | Rose-Tone Bracelet




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