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Cranbrook Collection by ESCAPE: The Journey to the Past

Just like the Archer, the symbol of Cranbrook Schools aims high, we believe in aiming for excellence, for the ultimate knowledge, and the deepest understanding of all things around us. When on a journey, we realize even more the importance of aiming high at all times, regardless of where we are.

Each new journey brings us new opportunities to start realizing the vastness and splendor of the world that we live in. But to understand the world we live in and ourselves in it, we should journey always.

We should journey to be able to create the life we want for ourselves and the people we love.
We should journey the past in order to understand the present, to imagine the future.
We should journey to nurture our sense of beauty and magnificence.
We should journey to discover, to comprehend, and learn.

While humbly absorbing appearances, objects, shapes, colors, smells, and movements, and realizing the feeling they awake in your being, do you think why and how are they here for you to experience them?

ESCAPE story begins in a place where every brick and stone is filled with devotion to history, with the thirst for knowledge, and with love for architectural design and natural surroundings. When you go to Cranbrook, you will fall in love with its architecture, restrained modern classicism, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Would you like to ESCAPE there with us?

Live Life to Discover with Watches from Cranbrook Collection

Living life to discover is one of our most important imperatives. Here, at Cranbrook, we discovered the importance of both human and nature work. Architecture, as one of the most inspiring expressions of brilliance, elegance, and refinement, transforms the world that we live in and gives us an opportunity to transform the world through our designs, plans, and dreams. Cranbrook is one of the places where you can see this the best. Designed as an inspirational setting for creative thinking, the Cranbrook campus presents a complex of small buildings arranged in a tight plan throughout a landscaped park. Built in stone and brick, the Cranbrook buildings are notable for their fine Arts and Crafts detailing.

Nature plays a huge part here, too. Cranbrook House is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are designed, planted, and cared for by dedicated volunteers. Botanical art in the Sunken Garden is brought to perfection through distinctive color combinations and patterns. Bigleaf Petasites, purple Liriope, and some Tree Peonies bring natural splendor and peacefulness to Cranbrook Japanese Garden. The Reflecting Pool gives a spectacular view from Cranbrook House to Cranbrook Art Museum. Garden beds of the glimmering pool are planted in a formal mirror pattern and contain Gaillardia and white Fragrant Lilies. An explosion of yellow, orange and white annual plants add excitement to this unique space.

This is the place where the desire to experience the world originates.
This is the place where the love of architectural design and a love of natural surroundings meet and bind.
This is the place where our Journey begins and Cranbrook Collection is born.

Both Cranbrook architecture and nature triggered our imagination and fueled our creativity to bring you Cranbrook Collection of ESCAPE Watches. Below you will find 5 of our favorite men’s watches from Cranbrook Collection. Browse through our models and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Cranbrook.


If your heart skips a beat in front of art pieces, visit Cranbrook Art Museum and Center for Collections and Research. Cranbrook Art Museum’s collections document extraordinary examples of art, craft, design, and architecture from the 20th and 21st century. Set a day to recognize all the history. See and absorb all the Cranbrook’s innovations and the achievements of its artists.

Cranbrook Art inspired
ESCAPE Watches Cranbrook Collection: Stainless Steel | Pecan Leather


Do you appreciate the art of architecture? If you do, you will love this expression of architectural excellence created during the roaring twenties. The Guardian Building is one of the most magnificent Art Deco skyscrapers in the world. The 40-story building was designed and built by Michigan contractors and artisans. Cranbrook founder George Gough Booth’s quote is incised on the arch between Marquis Hall and the Dining Hall: "A Life Without Beauty Is Only Half Lived."

Architectural Beauty Inspired
ESCAPE Watches Cranbrook Collection: Stainless Steel | Black Leather


Do you enjoy being by the river, slowly walking, syncing with nature, its sounds, and colors, and embracing all the beauties a shoreline has to offer? The shores of Lake St. Clair present spectacular sunsets, gentle shorelines, and numerous trails through woods, open views, and boardwalks. Lake St. Clair is also one of the most popular recreational boating destinations in the U.S. We recommend you to stop along the way for refreshments at The Crews Inn restaurant and experience this waterfront restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere, outdoor bar, and lovely view.

Nature Inspired
ESCAPE Watches Cranbrook Collection: Stainless Steel | SS Mesh


Do you enjoy a glass of good wine surrounded by the magical natural beauty of rolling vineyards and winding roads, breathing the sweetest fresh air? Chateau Chantal, an Old Mission Peninsula Winery & Inn is a scenic drive from the study halls of Cranbrook through the rolling hills of Michigan. This Old Mission Peninsula located on a 65-acre estate is one of the most scenic areas of the Great Lakes. Fine dining, award-winning wines, and relaxing views make this one of our more relaxing ESCAPERS.

ESCAPE Watches Cranbrook Collection: Stainless Steel | Hickory Leather

Fuse the Love to Architecture and Nature with ESCAPE Cranbrook Watches Collection

Inspired by refined architecture, exceptional design, the past, knowledge, and stunning nature that gives a home to all of these, we created Cranbrook Watches Collection. With this collection, ESCAPE Watches redefine the classic design and let function take center stage. Each model from Cranbrook Collection has the exposed dial that displays an automatic skeleton movement highlighting the many intricacies of true craftsmanship.
We listened and embraced the past, we absorbed the classic design, and we found out how to use the past to understand today and create tomorrow. This is our way to show love for classic design, to give it precise function, and deliver an ultimate expression of refined style.

Choose the model that suits your lifestyle best. Cranbrook Collection of Watches for Men is available in polished stainless steel and paired perfectly with black and brown
leather straps. Browse the Cranbrook Collection by ESCAPE Watches and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Cranbrook.



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