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Coachella Collection by ESCAPE: The Wanderlust Journey into Extravaganza

Glitter, balloon chains, flower crowns, Ferris wheels, modern art, fashion, old friends, and favorite bands… idealism and a promise of freedom in a remote desert. Does this sound like a dream place to ESCAPE to?

Would you like to free yourself among like-minded people who also deeply care about liberty, great music, other people, and environment? Do you feel empowered when among people who boldly rock their unique outfits and speak their minds openly?

Being free to rock hippie style and to embrace a wanderlust way of living genuinely makes people happy. The promise of wholeness, peace, and serenity along with the freedom to choose the way you live, love, and express yourself is hard to resist. And why would you?

Let your inner bohemian get out, take control, and stop explaining herself. Rock your style with confidence and live your life just the way you want. Live it differently, away from routine, patterns, conventional, and mundane.

The ESCAPE story of Extravaganza starts at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, your go-to place to be yourself.

Would you like to ESCAPE there with us?

Enjoy Wanderlust Moments with Watches from Coachella Collection

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California presents a unique sensory experience that embodies the wanderlust lifestyle, untamed existence, relaxed behavior, love for art, and unique, bold outfits. Coachella Festival is all about listening to great music, seeing your favorite bands and artists, experiencing modern art, believing in flower power, reconnecting to your old friends, relaxing, and partying in the Palm Springs area.

Coachella Valley, also known as the ‘’City of Eternal Sunshine’’, is the perfect place for an ideal ESCAPE. As for any other festivity, fashion plays an important role at Coachella Festival, too. Although many brands release festival-wear clothing lines just for this occasion, fashion at Coachella has a deeper meaning. It’s not important just to be trendy and follow what others say is cool. It’s important to be free in your choices, in the way you think, and the way you live.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival weekend attracts A-list celebrities and fashion influencers for the festivities to show off their outfit. While attending all of the amazing parties and interactive tents at the Coachella festival, they rock their most stylish looks. Whether it’s crocheted cropped halter tops, jangly ankle bracelets, cutoff denim shorts, fringe, long flowing dresses, or flower crowns (there is even a flower crown Snapchat filter), fashion brands and people will follow.

When you set the foot at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, you may get a feeling that you went back in time. Hippie spirit is not dead because people here still care deeply about liberty, love, and happiness. However, seeing your favorite rock or a movie star in an absolutely stunning zebra-print skinny jeans or a floral dress will make you happy you’re among beautiful people who daringly embrace their boho style for a few days.

While at Coachella, don’t think much about the heat. Everyone is hot but they are still rocking their style. Make sure not to miss the stages that host live music. Coachella Stage, Gobi Tent, Sahara Tent, Mojave Tent, and Outdoor Theatre are the main stages while Oasis Dome, Yuma, and Sonora are smaller but equally important.

Don’t miss the art! Coachella art installations will broaden your mind and bring things into focus.

While there, don’t forget to rock your favorite women’s watches picks from Coachella Collection by ESCAPE. Enjoy the moments of fantastic music, relaxing, and reconnecting with your old friends who share your values and beliefs. But above all, have fun! Make sure to visit all the stages you want and see and hear all the music artists important to you. Get the whole sensory experience at Coachella Festival by making sure you’re on time with ESCAPE Watches from Coachella Collection.

Below you will find 5 of our favorite women’s watches from Coachella Collection. Browse through our models and let us know which one is your pick by tagging us on Instagram with #Coachella.


Modern life is busy, fast, and overall overwhelming. To-do lists are too long while the time is too short. Constantly time-deprived and in a hurry to become perfect, we can feel like slaves to our jobs, our families, our careers. Do you ever wish to ESCAPE this? Would you like to get back that feeling of wholeness, sufficiency, simplicity, and easy, childlike happiness?

Escaping to the place where you can focus only on the things and the people that truly matter effortlessly brings the feeling you crave all this time. Desert is the perfect place to be, to experience, to feel. It’s the perfect spot to ESCAPE, relax, and remind yourself who and what matters to you.

Inspired by the Desert Empire of Coachella Valley in Southern California and its unspoiled nature, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Coachella Collection Women’s Watches:
Rose Tone Stainless | Rose Tone Bracelet


Coachella is not only a music festival. It is also almost a fashion festival. Coachella Valley is the only place where you can see your favorite stars casually rocking their best-loved outfits and being themselves.

Abundant flower crowns, glitter, mermaid metallic fanny packs, bralettes, capes and jumpsuits, flowy pants, and many shorts options featuring short length and plenty of pockets… Coachella fashion is all about keeping you cool in the hot desert and giving you practical options to save your belongings.

Inspired by the perfect combinations of vintage with modern styling, boho flare, and extravagant details, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Coachella Collection Women’s Watches:
Gold Tone | Gold Tone Bracelet


As one of the most famous and largest music festivals in the United States and all over the world, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival always brings incredible lineups you don’t want to miss. A symbol of free spirit, wanderlust way of life, bohemian fashion style, and love for nature, Coachella Festival always brings music artists you’ve been craving to see and hear for a whole year.

Browse the many stages, from Coachella Stage, through Gobi Tent, Sahara Tent, Mojave Tent, and Outdoor Theatre to Oasis Dome, Yuma, and Sonora stage. Find your favorite artists, share the experience with your friends, and let the beat take you to your happy place.

Inspired by the free spirit of Coachella Festival music and its cool, diverse headliners, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Coachella Collection Women’s Watches:
Rose Tone | Blue Leather


Coachella is about fantastic music, your favorite bands and about fashion, but it’s also about contemporary art. Coachella art installations bring things that matter into focus and spark debates among festival-goers. Intriguing, with its fully formed aesthetic, Coachella art pieces shift perception. Nature in the Coachella Valley plays with colors of sunshine, day, and night, and all the shades in between, creating uncommon visual scenery for the exposed art. Every year, artists choose various practices, methods, materials, and colors to channel your attention and make you wonder.

Inspired by Coachella epic art experience where architecture meets drama and fantasy becomes real, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Coachella Collection Women’s Watches:
Gold Tone Stainless | Mesh Gold Tone


As soon as you secure your ticket for the Coachella Festival, start thinking about where are you going to rest your head in between the events. Don’t go just anywhere when Palm Springs has so much to offer. A mecca of mid-century design, Palm Springs rental homes offer drool-worthy interiors with pillows and pools, greens and BBQs. Gather your friends and decide on what relax mecca to choose.

Inspired by the coziness, luxury, and superb design, ESCAPE Watches created

ESCAPE Watches Coachella Collection Women’s Watches:
Gold Tone | Tobacco Leather




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