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Hey! It's me again, Barbara Brigido!

Honks, cars, music in the metro, and the rain begins to fall down. Noises of cameras clicks and thousands of voices around us talking on the phone. I look up and see thousands of lights, all the colors, smiling models, fashion videos, m&ms candy giants.

In that moment someone passes me running and hits my arm, making me come back to reality. I could not believe that I was in the middle of Time Square in New York City.

In Brazil we see New York in the movies all the time, so you can imagine how much i was jumping of joy inside of me.

For this first post, Iā€™d like to start at the beginning of my story. How I first started chasing my dream. For those who do not know, I'm Brazilian and I live in Rio de Janeiro.

California was always a dream but it was very far from my reality.
I dreamed of the beaches and palm trees, riding a bike on the boardwalk and watching the sunset on the pier.

I worked, I saved money and I went. Alone, without knowing anyone and without plans. On my first day in San Diego I met @carssun, my traveling partner.

Then my dream came true. I traveled for 5 months in California, 3 months in Australia & 2 months in Bali. Then briefly passing through Hawaii and now returning to "my" place in the world that I am most passionate about: California šŸ˜ƒ

Iā€™m now ready for summer and to explore the secret spots here in America!

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All my ESCAPES in this trip: Brooklyn, Soho, Central Park, Time Square ... checked!

The truth is that traveling and seeing places totally opposite from where I came, makes me want me to keep exploring this world more and more. In the comments below you are invited share where you come from, what your home is like, and where you dream to visit in the world.

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